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Vallejo Area Apartment Rentals

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Ascension Arms for Senior Citizens 301 Butte Street, Vallejo 644-2666

Bay Village 1107 Porter Street, Vallejo 648-1900 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Bay Vista Apartments Vallejo 644-1236

Benicia Continental Apartments 552 West K Street, Benicia 751-1634

Blue Rock Village 2000 Ascot Parkway, Vallejo 645-1654 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Broadstone Sterling Village 88 Valle Vista Avenue, Vallejo 554-3333 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Cambridge Circle Apartments 900 Cambridge Drive, Benicia 746-5751

Canyon Manor Apartments 941 Danrose Drive, American Canyon 647-1852

Club Pacifica of Benicia 1300 Southampton Road, Benicia 746-6994

Commodore Apartments 812  Georgia Street, Vallejo 642-4602

Crestview Apartments 118 Warwick Drive, Benicia 745-4544

El Roy La Nora Buildings 225 Couch Street, Vallejo 643-1717

Fountain Plaza Hills Apartments 300 Hilary Way, Vallejo 552-2745 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Franciscan Apartments 1975 Sereno Drive, Vallejo 552-4000

Friendship Estates 2700 Tuolumne Street, Vallejo 644-3670

Hilborn Apartments Vallejo 643-2306

Holiday Garden Apartments 19 Panorama Drive, Vallejo 642-6400

Kimberley Apartments 545 Georgia Street, Vallejo 643-7984

Krystle Property Management 2101 Tennessee Street, Vallejo 554-6696 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Lodge at Napa Junction 645-8888

Marina Heights Apartments 135 Carolina Street, Vallejo 643-1791

Marina Tower Annex Apartments 601 Sacramento Street, Vallejo 552-4422

Marina View Apartments 1101 North Camino Alto, Vallejo 642-3200 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Marina Vista Apartments 201 Maine Street, Vallejo 643-8639

Parkway Place Apartments 2900 Redwood Parkway, Vallejo 557-0411

Redwood Garden Apartments 2211 Redwood Street, Vallejo 645-6685

Redwood Shores 400 Redwood Street, Vallejo 645-1800

Regency Townhouse 123 Kathy Ellen Drive, Vallejo 642-3152

Ridge Townhomes 301 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo 649-2999

Ridge View Apartments Vallejo 642-4659

Seabreeze Apartments 100 Larissa Lane, Vallejo 643-1100

Sereno Village Apartments 750 Sereno Drive, Vallejo 642-4697

Shar's Apartments 453 Fleming Avenue East, Vallejo 553-9743

Solano Vista Senior Apartments Vallejo 642-7231

Southampton Apartments Chelsea Hills Drive & Warwick Boulevard, Benicia 745-3052

Springhill Garden Apartments 237 Avian Drive, Vallejo 644-1873

Spyglass at Glen Cove 1 Spyglass Parkway, Vallejo 557-4000

Sterling Heights 150 Rankin Way, Benicia 746-6400

Strawberry Hill Apartments 154 Richardson Drive, Vallejo 643-6667

Summerglen Apartments 300 American Canyon Road, American Canyon 644-6050

Summberhill Apartments 40 Emerald Circle, Vallejo 644-9241

Sundance Apartments at Vallejo Ranch 60 Rotary Way, Vallejo 557-9000

Village View Apartments 2851 Redwood Parkway, Vallejo 643-9466 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Waterview Apartments 801 Southampton Road, Benicia 745-3000

Windrush Hills Apartments 969 Porter Street, Vallejo 643-1781

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