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Local Area TV and Radio Stations


 Bay Area Television Stations

SD HD Call Sign Broadcast Home Affiliation
2 P KTVU Oakland FOX affiliate
4 P KRON San Francisco Independent
5 29.1 KPIX San Francisco CBS affiliate
7 7.1/1.2 KGO San Francisco ABC affiliate
9 9.1 KQED San Francisco PBS affiliate
11 12.1 KNTV San Jose NBC affiliate
20 19.1/20.1 KBWB San Francisco WB affiliate
26 27.1 KTSF Brisbane Asian / European language progr.
44 45.1 KBHK San Francisco UPN affiliate
50 P KFTY Santa Rosa Independent
54 50.1 KTEH San Jose PBS Affiliate
60 43.1 KCSM San Mateo Community College/Public Television

HD - Please note that on air High Definition stations are listed with final frequency not necessary the frequency used today.

P - Pending Channel Approval

 Bay Area Radio AM Stations

Callsign Frequency Description Market City / Owner
KABN   1480     Concord
Concord Area Broadcasting  
KATD   990     Pittsburg
Radio Unica of Miami License Corp.  
KAZA   1290   Hispanic (6 am-8 pm).   San Jose
KCBS   740   All news.   San Francisco
Viacom Inc.  
KDIA   1640   Christian/Talk.   Vallejo
Quick Broadcasting, Inc.  
KDYA   1190   Gospel.   Vallejo
Quick Broadcasting, Inc.  
KEAR   610   Religious. Oakland A's Baseball   San Francisco
Family Stations, Incorporated  
KEST   1450   Multicultural.   San Francisco
Kest License, Inc.  
KFAX   1100   Christian talk.   San Francisco
Salem Communications Corp.  
KGO   810   News, talk, sports, 49ers broadcasts, Cal sports broadcasts.   San Francisco
Walt Disney Co.  
KIQI   1010   Hispanic.   San Francisco
Radio Unica Of San Francisco License Corp.  
KKSJ   1370   Spanish.   San Jose
KLIV   1590   CNN, news, Clash broadcasts.   San Jose
Empire Broadcasting Corp.  
KLOK   1170   Regional, Spanish.   San Jose
Entravision Holdings  
KMKY   1310   Children, variety.   Oakland
Walt Disney Co.  
KMZT   1510   Oldies   San Rafael
Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters, Inc.  
KNBR   680   Talk, sports, Giants and Warriors broadcasts.   San Francisco
Susquehanna Media Co.  
KNEW   910   Talk.   Oakland
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  
KNTA   1430   Hispanic.   San Jose
KNTS   1220   News, talk, and sports   Palo Alto
Salem Communications Corp.  
KOIT   1260   Adult contemporary.   San Francisco
Bonneville International Corp.  
KQKE   960   Liberal talk radio.   Oakland
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  
KRRS   1460   Hispanic.   Santa Rosa
KSFO   560   Talk.   San Francisco
Walt Disney Co.  
KSJX   1500   Vietnamese.   San Jose
KSRO   1350   News, talk and sports.   Santa Rosa
Maverick Media of Santa Rosa  
KTCT   1050   Sports talk, Raiders broadcasts, Stanford sports broadcasts.   San Mateo
Susquehanna Media Co.  
KTOB   1490   Asian.   Petaluma
Moon Broadcasting Corp.  
KVON 1440 News and Talk Wine Country Broadcasting
KVTO   1400   Asian.   Berkeley
Inner City Broadcasting Corp.  
KYCY   1550   Talk and more.   San Francisco
Infinity Broadcasting  
KZSF   1370     San Jose
Carlos A. Duharte  
KZSJ   1120   Regional Mexican.   San Martin

Bay Area Radio FM Stations 


Callsign Frequency Description Market City / Owner
KABL   92.1   Pop standards.   Walnut Creek
Clear Channel Communications
KBAY   94.5   Adult Contemporary   San Jose
KBLX 102.9   Adult contemporary.   Berkeley
ICBC Broadcast Holdings  
KBRG   100.3   Romantica/Hispanic.   San Jose
KDFC 102.1   Classical.   San Francisco
Bonneville International Corp.  
KEMR 105.7   Regional Mexican.   Santa Clara
(Spanish) HBC License Corp.  
KEZR   106.5   Adult contemporary.   San Jose
KFGY   92.9   Country   Sonoma
Maverick Media  
Callsign Frequency Description Market City / Owner
KFJC   89.7   Alt. rock, etc.   Los Altos Hills
KFOG   104.5   Adult alt. rock.   San Francisco
Susquehanna Media Co.  
KFOX   98.5   KUFX. Classic rock. SJ Sharks.   San Jose
KFRC 99.7   Oldies.   San Francisco
Viacom Inc.  
KIOI   101.3   Star 101.3. Adult Contemporary.   San Francisco
Clear Channel Communications
KISQ   98.1   Classic soul, R&B.   San Francisco
Clear Channel Communications
KITS   105.3   Live 105. Alternative.   San Francisco
Viacom Inc.  
KJZY 93.7   Smooth jazz.   Sebastopol
KKIQ   101.7   80s & 90s.   Pleasanton
Coast Radio Company  
KKSF   103.7   Smooth jazz   San Francisco
Clear Channel Communications
KLDZ   104.9   Modern rock.   Fremont
KLLC   97.3   Adult contemporary.   San Francisco
Viacom Inc.  
KMEL   106.1   Urban contemporary.   San Francisco
Clear Channel Communications
KNGY   92.7   Contemporary hit dance.   Alameda
KNOB   96.7   Adult Hits - 60s to the Present.   Santa Rosa
KOHL   89.3   Top 40.   Fremont
KOIT 96.5   Adult contemporary.   San Francisco
Bonneville International Corp.  
KPFA   94.1   Listener-supported.   Berkeley
Pacifica Foundation, Inc.  
KRPQ   104.9   Q105. Country.   Rohnert Park
KRSH   95.9   "The Krush" Adult alt. rock.   Santa Rosa
KRZZ   93.3   Spanish   San Francisco
Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc  
KSAN   107.7   "The Bone" - Classic rock.   San Mateo
Susquehanna Media Co.  
KSCU   103.3   Eclectic.   Santa Clara
KSFB 100.7   Contemporary Christian.   San Rafael
Salem Communications Corp.  
KSFH   87.9   Album/active rock from Saint Francis High School.   Mountain View
KSJS   90.5   Alt. rock, jazz, talk, etc.   San Jose
KSOL   98.9   Spanish hits.   San Francisco
Univision Communications, Inc.  
KSXY   98.7   Hot 98.7. Pop Contemporary Hits Radio.   Santa Rosa
KUIC Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member  95.3   Adult Contemporary.   Vacaville
Coast Radio Company  
KVCH   104.1   Christian.   South Bay
KVRV   97.7   Classic rock.   Santa Rosa
Maverick Media  
KVYN Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member   99.3   Adult contemporary.   St. Helena
KXFX   101.7   Rock 'n' roll.   Santa Rosa
Maverick Media  
KXTS   100.9   "Exitos" Spanish.   Santa Rosa
KYLD   94.9   Urban Top 40.   San Francisco
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  
KZBR   95.7   Rock   San Francisco
KZST   100.1   Adult contemporary.   Santa Rosa
MIX   104.1   Alternative Rock.   North Bay
SFLR   93.7   San Francisco Liberation Radio   San Francisco

Bay Area Radio Educational FM Stations 


Callsign Frequency Description Market City / Owner
K205BM-FM   88.9     San Rafael
Educational Media Foundation  
KALW   91.7   NPR, BBC, CBC.   San Francisco
S.F. Unified School Dist.  
KALX   90.7   Alt. rock, etc.   Berkeley
University of California  
KCEA   89.1   Big Band.   Atherton
Menlo-Atherton High School  
KCRH   89.9     Hayward
South County Community College District  
KCSM   91.1   Jazz.   San Mateo
San Mateo County Community College District  
KEAR   106.9   Religious.   San Francisco
Family Stations, Incorporated  
KECG   88.1     El Cerrito
El Cerrito High School  
KKUP   91.5   Community Radio.   Cupertino
KPFB   89.3     Berkeley
Pacifica Foundation, Inc.  
KPOO   89.5   Listener-sponsored.   San Francisco
Poor Peoples Radio Inc.  
KQED   88.5   NPR, news.   San Francisco
KQED, Inc.  
KRCB   90.9   NPR, local programming. (also at 91.1)   Rohnert Park
KRCB Radio and TV  
KSJO   92.3   Spanish-language music.   San Jose
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  
KSMC   89.5     Moraga
Assoc. Students of St. Mary's College  
KSRH   88.1     San Rafael
San Rafael High School  
KUSF   90.3   Alt. rock, etc.   San Francisco
University of San Francisco  
KWMR   90.5   Non-commercial community.   Pt. Reyes Station
KZSU   90.1   Alt. rock, etc.   Stanford
The Board of Trustees Stanford Univ.
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