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Virtual Tour of the City of Vallejo Downtown


Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Downtown Vallejo!

1 Begin your tour by clicking on the Vallejo Downtown area of interest below.
2 360 Panoramic Photos are available by clicking on the Click on yellow dots to view 360 degree photos of Downtown Vallejo dots.

Tour Downtown Vallejo Below


  As we include more individual downtown Vallejo city blocks you will be able to click on an active downtown block and have access to individual downtown shop and business information.

Most the Downtown Vallejo businesses will be listed with the address, phone number, their website link and interactive map.

Begin by clicking an area of downtown Vallejo below.


Download your very own copy of the

Specific Plan & Draft of Downtown Design Guidelines.   HERE [pdf]


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City of Vallejo Downtown Virtual Tour


Panoramic Photos

Capital & Santa Clara Street Capital & Sacramento Street Capital & Marin Street Capital & Sonoma Boulevard Vallejo City Hall John F Kennedy Library Santa Clara Street between Capitol & Georgia Street Virginia & Sacramento Street Virginia & Marin Street Virginia & Sonoma Boulevard Georgia & Mare Island Way New Georgia Street Georgia & Santa Clara Street Georgia & Sacramento Street Georgia & Marin Street Georgia & Sonoma Boulevard Ferry Terminal York & Sacramento Street York & Marin Street York & Sonoma Boulevard Maine & Mare Island Way Maine & Santa Clara Street Maine & Sacramento Street Maine & Marin Street Maine & Sonoma Boulevard Pennsylvania & Sonoma Boulevard Curtola Parkway & Sonoma Boulevard Public Boat Ramp Vallejo Main Post Office   From left to right (West to East)

Capital & Santa Clara St.

Capital & Sacramento St.

Capital & Marin St.

Capital & Sonoma Blvd.

Vallejo City Hall - Parking Area

John F Kennedy Library

Capitol-Georgia on Santa Clara

Virginia & Sacramento St.

Virginia & Marin St.

Virginia & Sonoma Blvd.

Georgia & Mare Island Way

New Georgia Street St.

Georgia & Santa Clara St.

Georgia & Sacramento St.

Georgia & Marin St.

Georgia & Sonoma Blvd.

Ferry Terminal

York & Sacramento St.

York & Marin St.

York & Sonoma Blvd.

Maine & Mare Island Way

Maine & Santa Clara St.

Maine & Sacramento St.

Maine & Marin St.

Maine & Sonoma Blvd.

Pennsylvania & Sonoma Blvd.

Curtola Parkway & Sonoma Blvd.

Public Boat Ramp