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Vallejo Area General Contractors

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Ability Construction & Restoration 1235 Military West, Benicia 747-1642

Advance Construction 147 Elna Drive, Vallejo 642-1525 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

American Civil Constructors 3701 Mallard Drive, Benicia 746-8028

Anzus General Contractor 940 Tyler Street, Benicia 208-1706

Ashorn Construction & Termite Control 528 Pennsylvania Street, Vallejo 647-2411 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Associated Builders 800 South Regatta Drive, Vallejo 557-9400

Associated Builders 48020 East 2nd Street, Benicia 751-1800

Babcock Construction Railroad Avenue, Mare Island 562-1080

Bains Construction Company 613 Britannia Drive, Vallejo 645-0622

Baron Smith Design & Construction 932 Carolina Street, Vallejo 647-2620 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Blackshear Construction 286 West H Street, Benicia 745-6449

Bradley Construction 1245 Florida Street, Vallejo 645-0645

California Custom Remodeling 131 Mira Loma Street, Vallejo 888-657-6444

Daystar Construction Services 137 Plaza Drive, Suite 321, Vallejo 553-6975 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Donahue, Patrick M 250 West Channel Road, Benicia 746-1721

Ellis, Adam Construction 138 Entrada Circle, American Canyon 645-0624

Garton Construction 1840 Capitol Street, Vallejo 648-2670

Harvey Construction 522 Jersey Street, Vallejo 648-1484 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Hess Construction 4484 Hess Drive, American Canyon 552-7931

Hull, Scott Construction 3001 Bayshore Road, Benicia 746-8894

Insituform 5100 East 2nd Street, Benicia 747-5888

JDI Builder 1451 American Canyon Road, American Canyon 649-2633

Landmark Builders P.O. Box 7463, Vallejo 554-6260 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Lathrop Construction Associates 4001 Park Road, Benicia 746-8000

Laverty, John Construction 10 Wingfield Way, Benicia 745-1660

Leo, Danniel Construction 1409 O'Hare Drive, Benicia 746-6344

M & A Construction 4766 East 2nd Street, Benicia 746-1400

Madison Construction 822 6th Street, Vallejo 642-9094

McCrea Construction 130 Prestwick Court, Vallejo 557-8543

Moench Construction 585 Hastings Drive, Benicia 745-8023

Munson S T Construction 4160 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun City 864-3457

Pearson Construction 440 Illinois Street, Vallejo 554-9950 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

Ralph Alexander & Son 116 Silverview Court, Vallejo 644-7154

RBC General Contractor 127 El Verano Street, Vallejo 552-6964

Richlynn Contracting Company 4864 East 2nd Street, Benicia 751-1501

Rockholt Construction 302 Valle Vista Avenue, Vallejo 644-5155

Soera Construction 1029 Tennessee Street, Vallejo 648-9571 Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Member

STR Building & Development 3140 Park Road, Benicia 748-4361

Sierra Bay Contractors 1101 Military West, Benicia 746-5009

Ultimate Living Space 205 Couch Street, Vallejo 645-8080

Westgate Construction & Maintenance 538 Stone Road, Benicia 748-2480

West Valley Builders 1801 Georgia Street, Suite C, Vallejo 643-7923


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