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Vallejo City Recycling and Solid Waste Garbage

If you have any Recycling and Solid Waste questions, please contact the City’s Recycling Coordinator, Derek Crutchfield, at 648-5346 or

The City of Vallejo requires all residences to maintain and pay for minimum garbage service. In addition, the City of Vallejo has franchise agreements that determine who will collect trash, yard material, and recyclables from businesses and residences. Residents and businesses may “self haul” or “haul” their garbage, and/or, recyclables to a disposal, and/or, recycling facility but are prohibited from hiring someone other than the franchise hauler. Residents that choose to self haul, please take your waste to a licensed disposal, composting, or recycling facility. Do not burn, bury or dump waste illegally. For information on agriculture burning days, in Northern and Eastern Solano call Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District at 1-800-287-3650.

Disposal & Yard Waste Facilities

Devlin Road Transfer Station Napa Garbage 889 Devlin Rd, American Canyon 252-0500

Napa Garbage Composting Facility 820 Levitin Road, American Canyon 252-0500

Residential Curbside Recycling questions, to start up your residential curbside recycling service or to request additional blue recycling bins contact:

Vallejo Recycling

475 Redwood Street, Suite 60, Vallejo 644-2413

In 1994, Vallejo City Council adopted an ordinance implementing a curbside recycling program. This program was made mandatory because State Law requires the City to reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills by 50%. There is a mandatory curbside recycling fee included in the water bill. Each new customer is informed of these mandatory charges when they call to establish a new water account. At that time, customers are also urged to call Vallejo Recycling to have curbside collection bins delivered to their home free of charge. Vallejo Recycling provides collection services to all residences and multi family buildings with four units or less.

Garbage Service issues: Television Recycling, Refrigerators, Curbside Oil Recycling or Computer Monitor Recycling, Commercial Recycling and Yard Waste questions contact:

Vallejo Garbage Service 2021 Broadway, Vallejo 552-3110

Vallejo Garbage Service offers residential garbage service and comprehensive commercial recycling services for the City of Vallejo. In addition, Vallejo Garbage Service operates the City’s Permanent Household Hazardous Waste program and curbside recycling used oil and filter program.

To request Curbside Filter Recycling Bags and Used Oil Recycling Jugs please call the Used Oil Recycling Hotline 467-8248. In addition to recycling your used oil and filters at your curbside you can also recycle your used oil and filters at one of the following nine Certified Used Oil Recycling Centers that are located throughout the City of Vallejo. The Certified Used Oil Recycling Centers can be identified by a sticker in the window. The following businesses accept used oil, and/or, filters, however, the businesses should be contacted for hours operation:

Auto Zone (used oil) 730 Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo 557-4453

Vallejo Garbage Service (used oil and filters) 2021 Broadway, Vallejo, 551-2621

Pep Boys (used oil and filters) 128 Plaza Drive, Vallejo 648-1032

Kragen Auto Parts (used oil) 1844 Springs Road, Vallejo 643-1096

Oil Changers (used oil) 794 Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo 645-9691

SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune Up (used oil & filters) 1675 Tuolumne St., Vallejo 642-9242

Quality Tune Ups (used oil and filters) 3291 Sonoma Boulevard, Vallejo 644-6103

Kragen Auto Parts (used oil) 3580 Sonoma Boulevard, Vallejo 644-0489

Jiffy Lube (used oil and filters) 4300 Sonoma Boulevard, Vallejo 644-2110

For additional used oil recycling information contact the California Integrated Waste Management Board at

Vallejo’s Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility also known as the BOPA recycles the following materials: Used Car Batteries, Oil (cooking oil and motor oil), Paint (only Latex paint will be accepted and free paint can be picked up), Antifreeze. Hours of operation and location are listed below:

Vallejo Garbage Service 2021 Broadway, Vallejo 552-3110

Hours: Thursday–Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

To dispose of Toxic and Household Hazardous Waste items that are not listed above please contact Vallejo’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at 800-984-9661.

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